Lymphatic Slim Therapy (LST)

LST evolves as many are struggling with
weight & fat loss management. Excess body fat has serious consequences
for health as it increases the risk of various conditions including
heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. LST adopts TCM approach in combination with modern science & technology (such as V. Sculpt, V.Slim & V.Wave) to increase lymphatic circulation & drainage which improves circulation issues, unclog meridians, promote lymphatic drainage & rid excess fat chambers accumulation around the hips and abdominal area, improve cellulite appearance caused by skin irregularity, treats unsightly visible & hormonal bulging veins and more…
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Lymphatic Slim Therapy

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Meridian Slimming Detox

Shape Slimming


V. Slim

v. Wave

v. Sculpt