Oriental Herbal Songjin

Oriental Herbal Songjin

Duration: 60 mins

A traditional non-invasive TCM therapy that brings you vital health. This approach effectively breaks up tendons & qi knots,
eliminates toxins, thus improves metabolism of liver, heart, spleen, lungs & kidney meridians and regulation of body’s overall Qi.

Songjin stimulates the body to self-heal while achieving a combination of results: beauty, contouring, pain & tension relief,
health maintenance & hormone balance.

Heart Springs uses a combination of specially crafted buffalo horn tools to work on all 12 meridian channels to improve one’s health.

Our tailored-made approach effectively:

  • Stimulate cells for optimal function.
  • Provide significant relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia.
  • Regulate the Qi that clogs the meridian channels and blood, flush out toxins.
  • Enhance your skin quality & bring radiance and glow to your complexion.

Localised area: Back, Tummy, Arms, Thighs, Foot & Scalp